Tzaangors 40k tactics

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As a collector of both Thousand Sons, and Khorne Daemonkin when there is a cross over of tactics I get rather happy. You start with a nice full squad of Bloodletters, 30 models. Use the Banner of Blood stratagem to turn your Icon in to the Banner.

Probability of rolling an 8 or high on 3D6 is So we currently have 30 models, with 31 attacks at strength 4 AP-3, and wound rolls of 6 do 2D instead of 1, all before bonuses. But what bonuses are we getting?

So we are currently sitting on 61 Attacks! At Strength 5! Hitting on 2s! But I feel we can do better.

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Enter the Bloodmasterthis is the replacement for the Herald of Khorne on foot, and give gives some nice bonuses. As well as the huge damage output, it will be a massive, un-ignore-able, distraction for your opponent, with potential to block them in. I am sure you have fully grasped the concept of the bomb now, so lets explain how to do the Tzaangor version.

I will not be doing a comparison of them both since I find they sit in different armies. To start with you want a nice big squad of Tzaangors with Tzaangor blades, about 30 will do. Plus you get the 1 die reroll. Little hard to get off Another trick is to get a Tzaangor shaman in there as he does this without the cast, but the difficulty is getting him there since he cannot be deep struck.

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Option 3! He gives you rerolls to 1s for your Tzaangors, plus you get his attacks. I recommend using dual talons. Like Like.This message was edited 1 time. Forum Index. Forum adverts like this one are shown to any user who is not logged in. Join us by filling out a tiny 3 field form and you will get your own, free, dakka user account which gives a good range of benefits to you: No adverts like this in the forums anymore.

tzaangors 40k tactics

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Subject: All is dust! All is dust! TSons tactics! Can you do that? I was under the impression that you can't warp time something that the crystal moved anymore than you could warptime something deep striking now.

This has to do with the "arrive in the battlefield" term. If your unit started the game on the field or dropped in a previous turn then a case could be done that the Dark Matter Crystal does not make them "arrive to the battlefield". Instead it says "remove the unit and place it again anywhere within 9".

Nevermind then. So now the only real use of Dark Matter Crystal is to disengage your fat rubric unit out of combat I guess? With gaze of fate and the cp reroll it should be about a 75 percent success.

Wouldn't 20 inferno bolter shots simply be better for the cost since you don't have to worry about the charge? It's about the same points cost. Deffskullz desert scavengers Thousand Sons.

I will look into it more but thanks Nym, I was about to just write them off completely. And I guess that is true, getting an 8" charge off on 2d6 with rerolls as options should be doable. Now the question is do you take a shaman with them? I was thinking shaman with crystal and 30 tzaangors, deep strike the tzaangors then move the shaman and a squad of rubrics up.

Rubrics lay down cover fire against something else ,shaman boosts the blob, and the blob goes to town. Or would a deamon prince just be better because it's a deamon prince.

Making my 10 man flamer squad alpha legion and use the infiltrate option or stick them in a rhino and warptime the rhino up? Rhino is safer for 70 Points. Tzaangors are still viable. Just give them a brayhorn and run them across the field. You will end up charging something on your second turn.

Yeah, if I am going to go with the tzaangors blob it's still deep strike and charge, just on turn 2 which isn't a big deal. I see deep striking shifting from "alpha strike" to "supporting measures" and "enemy mistake capitalization". That's easy enough to move to, we are still a force designed around psychic powers and mid ranged shooting.

Subject: Re:All is dust!Tzaangors are essentially the flavor of beastman gors who are devoted to Tzeentch, the changer of ways. Whether by choice, by random mutation and the whims of the dark god, or by twisted birth, Tzaangors typically have a much more birdlike form, and will often have beaks and feathers in addition to horns, fur, and taloned appendages.

They tend to be a bit smarter and more cunning than their counterparts devoted to the other Chaos gods, and think of themselves as superior. Tzaangor pack leaders are called Twistbrays. In the universe of Warhammer 40, Tzaangors are native to the Planet of Sorcerers, twisted by the machinations of Tzeentch. Upon the arrival of the Thousand Sons to the planet, most of them were captured and enslaved, forced to work as thralls to the legion.

Those that managed to escape established their own free society, roaming in great packs led by Tzaangor Shamans.

tzaangors 40k tactics

Tzaangor Shaman. Credit Mike Bettle-Shaffer. Tzaangors are kind of an odd addition to the Warhammer universe. While Khorngors and Pestigors had been referenced frequently in Warhammer Fantasy, though Tzeentch-devoted beastmen had always gotten a bit shafted in comparison.

Since then, Tzaangors have been a major part of Tzeentch-dedicated armies on battlefields in both universes. Tzaangors act as cheap rank-and-file troops for Tzeentch-dedicated forces, though they have several fast, powerful elite units such as the Tzaangor Shamans, Tzaangor Enlightened, and Tzaangor Skyfires.

Tzaangors paint up relatively quickly, and you can give them a striking look with only a small handful of colors. And that means having a good scheme you can repeat quickly is a must. I may eventually also need them for the Age of Sigmar Disciples of Tzeentch army that I am building but for now the focus is 40k. I started by painting the flesh with Citadel The Fang. Next comes the Armor Plating. Now the bone details. The more you add, the older and more tarnished the metal will look.Tzaangor are Warhammer FantasyWarhammeror Age of Sigmar variants of Beastmen Gors meaning average-sized Beastmen of stable mutation who either by birth mutation or blessing are dedicated wholly to Tzeentch.

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Like most Marked Beastment, Tzaangors didn't get much of a mention in the lore, but they were represented on the Tabletop in the Beasts of Chaos book. Prior to that, when introduced in "Realms of Chaos: The Lost and the Damned", Tzaangors received a bonus mutation which meant all Tzaangors had at least one mutationHated worshippers of Nurgleand Tzaangor Shamans received Tzeentch spells appropriate to their level as bonus spells. Beastmen mutations are not automatically Chaos in 40k, but at the same time Beastmen aren't a dominant and uncontrollable force so most Tzaangor are just considered Chaos Mutants and lumped in with human Cultists.

Way back in the day, when Chapters were first being created and released, each one would get a list of how many Beastmen slaves they had access to; obviously any Chapter of Chaos Space Marines that was devoted to Tzeentch had Tzaangors.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Thousand Sons(8E)

After suddenly getting models in AoS see belowthey've taken the leap to 40k too however. They share the same lore for the models, even if the AoS ones get starring roles in stories now.

Tzeentch took over from Khorne and Nurgle after End Times as the driver of the Chaos bus early on in AoS history, and Tzaangor got more releases than they did even in the days of fucking Oldhammer, being the stars of entire supplements and waves of releases.

They're literally an army all their own now, with a kit of basic soldiers, a kit of elite flyers who can be built two ways, a monster, and a hero character. It cannot be stressed enough how unexpected this was, and fans of Tzeentch as well as fans of Beastmen that aren't dedicated fans of the other three gods or Undivided were fucking thrilled. Beastmen tend to be the ugly red-headed stepchildren of Chaos, but daddy Tzeentch loves his Shamans.

In particular, they have the ability to forcibly change any member of other races into Tzaangors, a power that previously only applied to children in the womb and farm animals not counting Skavenwho could pull that bullshit off just as well with enough magic cocaine and a giant bell.

The less special version of Shamans. Your standard troops. Whether by birth or mutation by a Shaman, the Tzaangor soldiers are ones that have accepted their fate and not only open themselves up to Tzeentch to be mutated into forms he desires, but actively seek to earn further mutations and rise in rank among the Tzaangor forces.

Despite the implications of the name, its not clear if Thaumaturges are actually Ogres or not.

tzaangors 40k tactics

They have the appearance suggesting they're a kind of Tzeentchian Minotaur including hooves, horns, and a tail, only with a face more resembling that of Blanka from Street Fighter a mortal or Daemon Prince. Regardless, they behave exactly how you would assume a Tzeentch Minotaur to act, utilizing prodigous strength to tear foes limb from limb, have a reference to being able to tear apart a good-aligned McGuffin armor, and are wizards who shoot fire and shit. In addition, they have unique gear in the form of the Tzaangor Blade Weapons.

You can tell they're Tzeentch because Namespaces Page Discussion. More More. Page actions Read Edit History. Thousand Sons Tzaangor. Wiki tools Wiki tools Upload file Special pages. Page tools Page tools. Userpage tools.Every twisted monstrosity a child of the Changer of Ways.

If I could, I would devour the thoughts of them all, that I too might know the horror of their existence.

tzaangors 40k tactics

But for me there is a different fate. True to the Changer of the Ways, the Beastmen of Tzeentch are spectacularly variable -- bright of colouration and sharp of intellect. Their beaks clack as they chant blasphemous refrains in the Dark Tonguegimlet eyes glowing in their aquiline skulls.


Their hunger for knowledge stems from a desire for power, and even in battle they look to transcend their base existences by seeking out arcane artefacts and priceless sorcerous texts. In serving Sorcerer masters, usually of the Thousand Sons Traitor Legionthey may earn the chance to elevate themselves above their earthly stations, but in truth such occasions are rare, for a streak of cruelty lurks within the warlike soul of every Tzaangor.

When given the opportunity, they will take their ire out on those who oppose them in inventive displays of blade-work -- or, when they put aside their artistic pretensions for the gratification of raw brutality, a gory display of violence.

The origins of Tzaangors are as varied as their appearance. They arise where Tzeentch wills it, and are brought into being by his blessed transmutations. Some are the product of grim experiments performed on the slaves taken to the Planet of the Sorcerers.

Others are shaped from the crews of damaged starships caught in Warp Stormstheir bodies transmuted through exposure to pure empyric power. Perhaps most horrific are the Tzaangors born to human mothers on worlds enshrouded by the Cicatrix Maledictum. Whole generations of these creatures burst quickly into nightmarish existence, whereupon they ravenously devour the defenders of their home planet.

A Tzaangor, Beastman of Tzeentch. The blasphemous chanting of massed Tzaangors rises to a crescendo as they draw close to their prey. Multi-hued tongues flap within aquiline beaks, eagerly lapping up the taste of fear and confusion. Iridescent eyes glow with inhuman savagery, and the cruelly twisted horns that sprout from each Tzaangor's skull clatter together as they vie to be first into the fray. With jagged blades they hack their victims apart before trampling the dying beneath clawed feet.

Tzaangors are the mutated bearers of Tzeentch's blessings, unnatural abominations who serve as shock troops for the Thousand Sons thrallbands. Their bodies, though hideously malformed by the warping power of the Architect of Fate, are ideally suited to warfare.

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Long limbs flex with corded muscle, and thorny quill-like protrusions grow across their chests and shoulders. Most Tzaangors resemble some sort of amalgam of man, beast and bird, although some are even more aberrant in shape, with heads that are split down the middle or bodies rent with fluctuating clefts.

Tzaangors are driven by Warp-infused compulsion to seek out knowledge in all its forms, and to slaughter those who stand in the way of their pursuits.

Alongside these predatory instincts exists a level of cunning and intelligence belied by their monstrous form. Tzaangors are more than capable of formulating complex battle plans, communicating amongst their ranks through harsh trills and staccato clicks. Working together in flocks, they can run ruin through an unsuspecting populace or entrenched enemy line. Each Tzaangor is motivated by a personal desire to accumulate arcane knowledge, and it is their belief that through the pursuit of such knowledge they may receive even more of Tzeentch's blessings.

Tzaangor and Bloodletter Bombs Tactics

To enact their butchery, some Tzaangors wield massive blades wrought from metal or bone, while others use buzzing chainswords and crude autopistols. Often, a member of a flock will carry a daemonically mawed instrument, the piercing blasts of which stir other nearby Tzaangors into a bestial frenzy.

The most savage member of a flock is known as a Twistbray, and they usually bear on their body the most warping gifts of their creator-god.

A Tzaangor warherd, led by an Exalted Sorcerercharges into battle. Where the Astartes of the Thousand Sons Traitor Legion pledged their souls to Tzeentch or were manipulated into his service, fighting alongside them are those who are born of the Great Shaper's hideous will.

These creatures are a fusion of bestial ferocity, avian agility and human cunning, and by raw instinct they sow the seeds of mutation throughout the galaxy.Please note that this is the tactics for 8th edition Thousand Sons. Their current tactics can be found here. As one of the founding Legions, the Thousand Sons have, along side their pantheon opposite the Sons of Mortarionbeen promoted to full Codex Status.

Alongside this there has been a small release of new models some being shared with Age of Sigmar. Boasting some of the most powerful psychic powers in the game, Thousand Sons armies are for the connoisseur of Chaos Space Marine commander; encouraging play with trickery, deception, and multi-layered planning. The army allows you to manipulate the dice, the board and even your opponents units.

This encourages you to play with finesse, rather than purely brute forcing your opponent into submission. Alternatively you may simply believe that Magnus Did Nothing Wrong. The Thousand Sons are one of the middle releases of 8th edition, and experience has shown this to be a negative rather than a positive. Contemporary Codexes either copy elements and features of previous releases, or build upon lessons learnt from player-feedback leading to power creep. You are now quite reliant on splat-books.

It's also a grey-area about when GW will revisit the entire army again. On the other hand, 8th Edition has been marked by continual change, with unit entries being rewritten and tweaked constantly both in Chapter Approved, FAQ's, White Dwarf and now Psychic Awakening so take that as you will.

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Despite this you should get your hands on the following in the listed order:. These help to reflect the unique and not so unique tactics and strategies used by the Thousand Sons on the battlefield:. A large, but not exhaustive, list of the various types of weaponry used by the the forces of the Thousand Sons. A large, but not exhaustive, list of the various types of melee weaponry used by the the Thousand Sons:.

Despite ten millenia of conflict the Thousands sons aren't keen to let loose their entire armouries of rare and powerful artefacts onto the battle field. Those relics that do get to leave the halls of Tizca, can be found here:.

Being the premier Sorcerers of 40K, the Thousand Sons get a whopping three disciplines to use plus more based on their Cult. Whether you want to shit out mindbullets, buff allies, debuff enemies, or any combination of the above, the Thousand Sons will have it covered.The Thousand Sons saw a resurgence of sorts after the release of Psychic Awakening: Ritual of the Damned, with a host of new stratagems, powers, and relics that made the faction much more powerful.

This boost in power was good if you were running monofaction lists, but on the competitive side meant that Thousand Sons were immediately being included in most Chaos Armies as a Supreme Command Detachment full of powerful casters.

With the changes to 9th edition and its new rules for army construction, how do they hold up? Our major hope is that this gets fixed quickly in a 9th edition FAQ. These are, for the most part, changes that benefit the Thousand Sons, who are not a melee-first army and would just as soon drop devastating hails of Inferno bolter fire on enemies. The GT mission pack changes things significantly for 9th edition, changing how missions are scored and what player priorities will be on a turn-by-turn basis.

Perhaps the biggest change is top-of-turn scoring for primary objectives, i. Going first this means you need units that can move quickly to capture objectives and then stay alive while holding them. Going second this means you need to be highly conscious that only have four scoring turns and you need units that can whip an enemy unit off an objective while simultaneously moving onto that objective to occupy it.

This can only be done easily in the Fight phase, though Thousand Sons have some tricks to help. This improves some units considerably, and immediately makes Helbrutes and Daemon Engines better: Helbrutes can now take guns and gleefully charge into combat, where having the ability to shoot makes heavy flamers in their fists and options like the twin heavy bolter much more attractive.

On the defensive side, Blast weapons represent a huge problem for horde strategies, particularly for large units that have to walk across the table on foot. This hurts Tzaangors, who had already been hurting a bit since their points hike in Chapter Approved While a good number of Thousand Sons units are perfectly capable of teleporting onto the battlefield, there were a few stragglers who lacked the ability and for them Strategic Reserves can be a real asset, helping protect them from first turn shooting and giving you insurance against losing the first turn roll-off.

Rubric Marines are a good pick for this, and it can be a more cost-efficient way to put a second smaller unit or some Tzaangors into reserves, since putting two units into reserves with the Webway Infiltration Stratagem will cost you 3 CP.

OK now for the biggest one — Army construction has changed significantly in 9th edition and the most notable changes for Thousand Sons are that 1. Adding detachments now costs CP, making taking additional detachments costly, and 2. The new FAQs made a bunch of minor adjustments to the Thousand Sons, mostly bringing their rules text in-line with 9th edition wording around things like Engagement Range.

Which is a good change given that taking Magnus in a Supreme Command now locks him in as your Warlord. Overall, the Thousand Sons came out largely ahead on these changes, with minor increases to the factions key units that look great relative to other factions. The downside is the aforementioned lack of immunity to increasing Smite difficulty and the fact that the Supreme Command detachment has now changed, so taking 3 Thousand Sons in a Chaos Space Marine army without Troops is no longer an option.

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Ahriman got a noticeable increase of 19 points on foot while Ahriman on a disc Which is likely what you were taking anyway went up only 4 points. The Daemon Prince of Tzeentch remains the beast it always has been, and compared to other Daemon Princes the point increase is barely noticeable as the non-winged variant went up a meager 4 points while the winged version Which is universally preferred anyway was completely untouched. This is largely because Daemon Princes of Tzeentch already cost more than his cousins in other Codexes but earned every bit of that points increase while still being worth it.

The Winged Daemon Prince earns his points due to the sheer utility and flexibility he brings to the table. In summary this is really good news for pure Thousand Sons lists. Tzaangors only went up one point per model to 9so they can be a potential alternative. Rubric Marines got a lot better with the boosts from Ritual of the Damned and in 9th edition they have a good combination of durability and firepower to play well with the emphasis on capturing and holding objectives.

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