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Moving from a world orientated around persuasion to one around usability, GOV. UK was built to help transmute how people interact with the British government. As the single source of truth for government services, GOV.

lsst home gateway

UK makes these services quick to find, easy to understand and simple to use. UK, about the power, progress and potential of the digital estate amid the pandemic. More details. The coronavirus has razed, repressed and reinvented our shopping habits, kick-starting a retail revolution.

New shopping trends have fast developed amid a ravaging pandemic. As we cautiously enterthe task of overcoming the coronavirus spectre continues to stand before us. LSST opens the doors to its second campus in Luton — and sixth in fleet — transforming the former BBC Broadcasting House building into a modern learning environment for its students, staff, and alumni. Skip site news Site news. UK — about power, progress and potential amid the pandemic.

LSST Students: will be challenging but there is still hope!

Week in the Life of an Astrophysics Major - Jaycie Bishop

LSST lecturer publishes compelling book on social experiences of women with disability. Addressing social experiences of women with physical, Read the rest of this topic 83 words. Older topicsFebruary 8, - So far has been exciting for the Rubin Construction project; after the rollout of new safety procedures, more personnel are returning to the summit and restarting activities that have been paused since the COVID construction shutdown in March One noteworthy success in January was the restart of on-sky observing with the Rubin Observatory Auxiliary Telescope on January 19th.

This telescope, which will measure atmospheric transmission above the Rubin Observatory Simonyi Survey Telescope, is housed in a separate enclosure near the main summit facility. On-sky observations, including the collection of spectral data, originally began early in as part of the Commissioning effort for the telescope but these had to be suspended when the summit closed in March. During the almost ten months that the AuxTel couldn't be operated, the team's attention turned to tasks that could be done remotely.

Many of these tasks involved updating the communications middleware which benefits the entire Rubin Observatory system, including AuxTel. Other updates included bringing the Camera and Archiver systems back to using the main codebase used for the LSST Camera and the Commissioning Camera, because they had diverged during the process of getting the AuxTel system functioning on-sky. So what was it like to restart the system on the summit after a ten-month nap?

From a hardware perspective the AuxTel was in good shape, especially considering that routine maintenance tasks had to be deferred during the shutdown. The software challenges were more significant. During the shutdown it wasn't possible to follow the usual workflow of development and deployment, in which software changes are made, tested on a test stand at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications NCSAand then pushed out on the summit where they ultimately go into production.

But it still made sense to continue developing the software, since that was an activity that could continue while the team was working remotely. That means that instead of working with incremental upgrades, the team was integrating the AuxTel hardware with software that had changed substantially, so there were a number of bugs to work out.

But since the team had anticipated this extra work, they were able to accomplish their goals in the allotted amount of time. Each night of the three-night run, observations began at about p. But there were a couple of hours of work to do before that, including opening the dome shutters to equilibrate the dome temperature with the air outside, and taking dome flat images for calibration.

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The observers would then go to the control room in the main Rubin facility building, and observe through the night until about a. While driving the telescope, the observers communicated with remote support staff via Zoom and Slack.

At the end of each night's observing shift, after returning to the AuxTel to close the dome shutters and make sure the telescope was stowed safely, the observers would head to the summit hotel to sleep—or at least try to. The team is excited to be doing observing runs again, although circumstances are different because of increased safety protocols and travel restrictions. Team members who would usually be present in person to troubleshoot engineering issues were not able to travel to the summit site or gather in the remote observing room in Tucson, AZ.

Instead, the entire remote support team worked from their homes, managing the challenges posed by having access to fewer display screens, less reliable internet connections, and, in some cases, children who weren't entirely on board with their parents evening work obligations.

Overall, the restart has been successful. The team has been able to demonstrate scheduler-driven observing of a list of specific targets, and has taken a reasonable dataset to help with data pipeline development. Upcoming observing runs, which will be scheduled for about three nights every few weeks, will continue to shift from engineering to more science-driven operation. This will allow the team to get better data from a target star near the South Celestial pole, which doesn't move across the sky; data from a star that is fixed is particularly useful for constraining the atmospheric transmission measurements.

Congratulations to everyone who contributed to the success of the first AuxTel on-sky observing run in NSF supports basic research and people to create knowledge that transforms the future.

They will also provide support for scientific research with LSST data. Codes of Conduct Community Forum Contact. The telescope will produce the deepest, widest, image of the Universe: ft 8.In computing, a home network gateway connects a residential building's local area network LAN to the Internet.

It is set up depending on the configuration and needs of the household so every home network gateway installation can be considered unique and one of a kind. Every home network configuration requires certain settings from its home network gateway. The more connections there are in a house, the more configuration time it needs to set up. The home network hardware can be considered the heart of home networking system.

This hardware includes routers, general purpose servers, and multi-horned computers, also known as multiple network adapters. The combination of these devices and how correctly they are configured are vital to the success of setting up a home network. One failed connection can bring everything down with it including Internet connection and LAN-based activities such as games, and remote accessing of computers and files.

It is usually best to consult professionals before purchasing and setting up a home network. Most home network gateways offer broadband connectivity and Internet connection sharing for all the desktops and laptop computers in the house, plus firewall security. A firewall security is extremely important especially if one is conducting business from home or if one is sharing sensitive files over a home network. The very concept of home networking presents home owners with the promise of better and more efficient web-based applications, including high-quality video and audio streaming, as well as online gaming.

A home network gateway gives a household the kind of connectivity never seen before in residential buildings. Mothers can monitor their email inbox from the kitchen while they're cooking dinner.

Fathers can watch streaming sports programs using their laptops from the garage.


Children can do their homework and research in the yard, and after that, they can play online games against each other while they're in their own separate rooms. The whole family watches a good movie they've just rented online. Installation of a home network gateway is quite easy if one is familiar with technical terms and computer hardware. For casual users who are not familiar with networking concepts and hardware specifications, manuals are pretty much descriptive of what needs to be done.

Most default configurations of devices such as wireless routers, digital subscriber line DSL modems, and network hubs are usually set to work right out of the box. Users just need to figure out what connects to what and they will have a home network gateway in no time.

Please enter the following code:. Login: Forgot password?Join us this month for virtual activities. Gateway Community College is open and fully operational. Due to the pandemic most classes for the spring semester will be held online, although some courses that require labs and hands-on practicum remain on-site. Student activities, clubs, meetings and events continue to be held virtually.

The college provides regular updates via official college email, on this website, and through social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linked-In. Learn More! Clean your browser's cache.

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Place your print order using Gateway's Web2Press. This website contains a wealth of information about the college and the policies and procedures that you will need to know in order to navigate your time at GCC from admission to graduation. You will also find a comprehensive review of our excellent academic programs and courses, expansive student activities, and the wide range of resources and opportunities available at GCC.

Although the college is currently conducting classes, operations and services in a mostly virtual environment, you can still attend workshops, interact with our exceptional faculty, engage in lectures, and become involved with on-campus clubs and organizations online.

While the college website is an important resource and reference, it does not reflect the whole story Connect With Us:.View disclosures Product details. A current assumption UL product with permanent death benefit protection and top-tier rankings for annual, single and pay premium designs. All of the underwriting information you need, including age and amount requirements, underwriting rules, medical conditions and more.

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The Consolidated Appropriations Act, signed into law December 27,includes changes to the tax code that will reduce the minimum interest rate assumptions insurance companies may use.

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These changes will affect the definition of insurance including:. Once implemented, the reduced interest rate assumptions will allow for increased premiums for new permanent life insurance policies sold utilizing these revised rates. Penn Mutual is evaluating the impact of the updated rates and will be monitoring industry reactions to the rate changes as we move forward.

lsst home gateway

We will provide additional updates on section and impacts to our product portfolio as they become available. By navigating to Gateway, you agree to Penn Mutual's terms-and-conditions. The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company and its insurance subsidiaries, its trustees, officers, and associates collectively, "Penn Mutual" provide Gateway for informational purposes only and is subject to terms of use and all applicable laws. The Content on Gateway is for informational purposes only, and you should not construe any such information or other material as legal, tax, investment, insurance, financial, or other advice.

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Looking for a smart way to grow your business and better serve your clients? Meet Gateway.

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Run Illustration Create an illustration for any product or sales concept. No credentials needed! Browse by client situation Products Sales Concepts. Terms and Conditions The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company and its insurance subsidiaries, its trustees, officers, and associates collectively, "Penn Mutual" provide Gateway for informational purposes only and is subject to terms of use and all applicable laws.

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Best practices for upgrade or downgrade process Before you start the upgrade or downgrade process, make sure you check the following Citrix Documentation here. Important Note:. EPA Libraries. Earlier Versions. Evaluations and Trial Software. If you think you should have access to this file, please contact Customer Service for further assistance. Contact Customer Service. Products Downloads Support Partners.

Sign Out. Filter [on]. Find Downloads. Select a product Narrow Results. Citrix Gateway Firmware Citrix Gateway Feature Phase Citrix Gateway Feature Phase NetScaler Gateway Firmware Citrix Gateway Maintenance Phase Citrix Gateway Maintenance Phase Access Gateway Sign In to access restricted downloads. NetScaler Gateway Plug-in v4.Tailor-made for school assemblies, a ready-to-use slide presentation on a topical theme, complete with photos, videos, discussion points and teacher notes Follow the link below and click the little arrow to the right of "present" in the top right hand corner, to find "presenter view" — this allows you to see the notes while you are displaying the slides.

Safer Internet Day is held on 9 February. Millions take the opportunity to share information about how to make the most of the internet while staying safe online. Languages do not just help us communicate with other human beings. They unlock cultures, broaden our understanding of history — and even shape the way we think. Holocaust Memorial Day is held on 27 January, the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

It is an opportunity to commemorate all victims and work to prevent future atrocities. The civil rights movement was a decades long struggle by African Americans to end racial discrimination in their country. It changed millions of lives, and inspired other movements around the world.

Our last assembly of the year looks forward to after a challenging year by exploring how to live with hope for the future. Wednesday is the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery. What is modern slavery — and how can you raise awareness? On Thursday, millions of Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. What is the history of the holiday?

And how can being thankful help us in our daily lives? Why do people bully? What kinds of bullying are there? How can we unite against it? It is a time to honour those killed in past and current conflicts, and to promote peace. The new coronavirus is all but certain to be declared a pandemic very soon. Should this have happened earlier? What difference will this make? With Mother's Day on Sunday we look at how mothers are represented across different cultures.

The Queen and other royals marked Commonwealth Day at a special service in Westminster Abbey this week. But is the Commonwealth still relevant? What is this new coronavirus and how careful should we be?

The World Health Organisation has declared a global emergency and the UK announced new powers to keep people in quarantine. What is Europe? The answer might seem obvious. One of Earth's seven continents of course.

lsst home gateway

But in reality "Europe" is just as much an idea, a civilisation and a project. This week launches a new chapter in its fascinating story. Over a billion people will celebrate for the next 15 days with their families. For the Chinese, the rat is an animal that symbolises wealth and new beginnings.

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